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Three Major Scenarios of SASE Platform

Zero Trust Access - Work securely anytime, anywhere

It is suitable for scenarios such as remote office, outsourcing management, secure interconnection of suppliers, secure exchange of data between enterprises, secure interconnection of enterprise branches, chain stores and supermarkets, etc.

Taking "people" as the center to achieve unified control and refined management of access rights

Securely access the corporate intranet anytime and anywhere to improve office efficiency

Quickly converge on enterprise applications that are forced to be exposed to the Internet

Easily achieve visibility and comprehensive audit capabilities of intranet risk behaviors

Next-generation data leakage prevention - full-link data interception and tracking

It integrates abnormal user behavior analysis, intelligent identification of sensitive data, and outbound full-channel management and control capabilities to integrate the data leakage risks faced by enterprises and establish a governance system for global data security and operations for enterprises.

Automatically scan the distribution of sensitive data on enterprise terminals and conduct hierarchical classification

UEBA identifies employees with data security risks and analyzes and tracks sensitive data

Full link tracking from accessing applications, downloading data, local modifications, and outbound delivery

Supports full-featured protection for Windows, macOS, Linux, UOS, and KylinOS platforms

Enterprise Security - One-stop solution for endpoint management and security

Integrated security capabilities, integrating terminal threat detection and response, virus scanning, vulnerability repair, DNS security, threat intelligence, Internet control and other security capabilities, one-stop solution to security threats encountered by terminals, greatly reducing IT team management costs and maintenance Heavy workload caused by multiple security products.

Integrate EDR, virus scanning, vulnerability repair, Internet control and other capabilities

One client, one management operation platform, one-stop delivery

The ultimate office experience, greatly reducing business management and operating costs

Integrated solution to security fragmentation problem and improved security effect

Issues and Challenges in Digital Office Scenarios

The missing data center

Extensive use of SaaS applications and shadow IT, enterprise data exists in various business applications rather than data centers

Hybrid office model

At home, in hotels, and on the road, digital office takes place anytime and anywhere, and business data flows on personal devices, mobile phones and tablets.

Complex business collaboration

Formal, outsourced employees, supply chain and other three-party partners need to access and exchange data, and a large amount of business data is circulated in external organizations

Leading a New Paradigm of Enterprise Digital Security

Network Inherent Security

The infrastructure realizes the integration of network and network security, solves the problem of security fragmentation, and makes the access experience better and the security effect better.

Data Centric

Build a distributed Aquila network to protect business data that flows all the time and everywhere, so that users can be protected anytime and anywhere.

Identity as Boundary

Implementing the zero-trust concept, all access and control are based on identity, combined with dynamic adaptive detection to achieve a defense effect with minimum interference and higher security.

The Main Functions of Aquila

Unified Identity Management

Combining single sign-on (SSO) with unwarranted access gives the enterprise portal convenient user access and strong security guarantees, providing users with an efficient and convenient experience while protecting sensitive data. It supports unified management of multiple identity sources of an organization, separation of identity authentication, and multiple secondary authentication methods to effectively enhance the organization's identity authentication security.

Unified Terminal Management

Unified PC/mobile device management, pirated software detection, and software management integrate the management of PCs and mobile devices, supplemented by pirated software detection and refined software management functions, thus effectively simplifying the organization's management process.

Zero Trust Intranet Access

Dynamic decision-making: Zero intrusion into enterprise network architecture and zero modification of existing applications, rapid implementation of zero-trust secure access, and establishment of a new boundary for enterprise security using dynamic access control capabilities based on identity and application, and continuous verification.

Data Security

Sensitive data map, risk employees, sensitive data outgoing audit and control, DDR data detection and response automatically identify and protect sensitive data, global UEBA analyzes employees with data security risks, records and collects evidence.


Compliance detection, vulnerability repair, virus scanning, threat intelligence and other functions work together to improve system security, ensure organizational compliance operations, prevent potential threats, and protect data and business stable operation.

Network Access

Seamlessly connect to the company's existing office identity system, fine-grained network access permission division for employees and visitors, and linkage between network access and security modules to safely and efficiently build a three-dimensional and in-depth protection system for enterprise equipment, networks, and security.

Online Behavior Management

Access control based on domain name and application, as well as a rich and flexible application library (including 500,000 applications), realize personalized security policies, finely manage employees' online behavior, strengthen network security, and improve resource utilization efficiency.

Application Access Acceleration

A global network is built based on the cloud-native SASE architecture to realize automatic route selection for application access, significantly improving access speed.

Digital Experience

Provides efficient monitoring of the full link quality of device access applications, helps organizations improve user experience, and assists administrators in quickly troubleshooting.

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